Jan 29, 2010


Lonely Planets and Rough Guides can be quite expensive if you buy them at a bookshop so it's best to get your first one or two online. If you're off to several countries you don't want to buy the lot in advance as that would be like carrying a library. It's best to get the first one or two you need and then, when you're leaving that country you swap it for the country you're off to next. You often meet someone travelling in the opposite direction so this can be a win - win for you both. I gave my first Lonely Planet to the man who checked us in on the flight leaving India. It was pretty tatty by then and there were a few pages missing but it still covered 95% of the country!
LP  have deals on at their website that you won't get in the shops, so take advatage while you're still planning - here's a list of some of the best ones I could find:
Buy one get one half price MPU UKBuy One Product, Get the Second 1/2 Off! - see this ad on the right.
Free Best of 2009 with Lonely Planet's best of 2010 Purchase. In my opinion a little bit out of date makes no difference - I've used them going back 6 years and they're still useful.
Save 30% off at shop.lonelyplanet.com!
Pick up a Lonely Planet Guidebook Pack and save up to 30%!

I haven't tried the downloading chapters thing. Not sure if it'll be a good thing or not. Wandering around a strange place holding out your Kindle or Netbook or whatever - I'm not sure its such a great idea but then I haven't tried them yet. Others might disagree. Let me know if you've used it and what you think...
Download individual guidebook chapters and save 30% off!
Save 30% off our Pick & Mix chapters!
Download Lonely Planet USA Chapters
Download Lonely Planet South America Chapters

You can get discounts on Rough Guides too, direct from the Penguin publishers website. Again - it's cheaper than going to the shops as they are rarely if ever discounted in the high street. Shop managers know it's a specialist book and  not one you might pick up just because its cheap. Who wants a guide to Patagonia unless they're really planning on going there, even if it is cheaper?

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Shannon OD said...

Talk about detailed! You have gathered up a lot of really great tips here :-) Coming back from my RTW was a really difficult, so it helps with the transition to launch into a project. Looking forward to seeing more from you site in the future :-)

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